Google Classrooms/ Help with home learning

Click the link below for instructions to sign into Google Classroom and how to join a class.

Click here for instructions.



In order to support you further with any questions relating to home learning at this point in time, we
have created specific email addresses for the different year groups whereby parents can communicate
directly with their child’s year group team.

Please direct any questions around home learning, access to google classrooms, log on details and
any other problem solving issues directly to the email addresses below. Year group leaders will
correspond back directly to any parents via email within 24 hours at the latest, however there will be
daily checks and feedback.

Please use these lines of communication for support with home learning. The office staff will be dealing
with administrative issues only.
Year 1: 
Year 2: 
Year 3: 
Year 4: 
Year 5: 
Year 6: