Parent Advisory Body

Barclay Primary School is governed locally by its Parent Advisory Body (PAB).

As an academy, the ‘Trustees’ are accountable for the quality of education being provided. The Trustees appoint people to serve on Parental Advisory Boards alongside the elected staff and parents who are in post to hold the local senior leadership team to account for standards and safeguarding.  Through this, the Trust ensures strong local governance of each academy and retains a clear line of sight into the performance of each academy within its community. 

The Parent Advisory Body consists of parents, staff and community representatives; the Head of School is a member of the PAB by virtue of their office. Co-opted Members are appointed by the PAB and are people, who in the opinion of the Board, have the skills required to contribute positively to the well-being of the school. Parent and staff members are elected to the Board by the parent and staff body respectively.

The Parent Advisory Body has a range of responsibilities including:

  • supporting good governance of the school
  • safeguarding and promoting the Trust’s values
  • supporting the Head of School and being a critical friend
  • monitoring achievement, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety
  • engaging with the school’s key stakeholders, for example, parents/carers, pupils and staff

Parent Advisory Body members

Head of School 
Tom Mitchell

Director Appointees
Robin Thompson-Clarke - Chair of PAB
Khalida Hameed
Roy Clare

Co-Opted Member
David Maher 

Parent Members
Amy Clifton
Catherine Llewelyn-Evans

Parent Observers
Moshin Mir
Sophie Owide
Natalie Ward

Staff Members
Janet Oatham

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Meeting dates 2022/2023

11 October 2022
29 November 2022
21 March 2023
04 July 2023

To contact the Chair of the Parent Advisory Body, please write to the school at the address given below or use the 'Contact Us' section on this site.