Applying for a place at Barclay Primary School

Barclay Primary School has 180 places available in Reception each year. These are free of charge and open to children of all backgrounds and abilities.

For more information on the school's admission criteria, view our Admissions Policy.

To apply for a place, you must complete a Common Application Framework (CAF) either:

  • online via the Waltham Forest website by clicking here.
  • on paper – you can obtain a form from Sycamore House, Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road, Walthamstow E17 4JF.

If you’re applying for a place after the start of the school year (for example, changing schools), please contact the local authority.

Help with applying

Visit us at the school, or call us on 020 8539 6777.

Download Waltham Forest’s Starting Primary School booklet, email or
call 0208 496 3000.

Contact independent advice service Choice Advice on 0845 877 0031.

Admission arrangements for pupils with SEN or disabilities

Children with a statement of Special Educational Need that specifies the school as the placement school will be allocated a place through a separate procedure, in accordance with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.

Even if your child currently attends a nursery attached to a school or has a sibling already at the school you must apply for a Reception place.

Applying for secondary school place

To apply, you must complete a Common Application Framework (CAF) either:

  • online at the Waltham Forest Admissions – click the eAdmissions link.
  • on paper – you can obtain a form by:

Secondary admissions for September 2019 intake

If your child is currently in Year 6, they are due to start secondary school in September 2019. You must still apply for a secondary place for your child even if they attend an all-through school or have an older sibling at your preferred school.